How to Get MEPCO Bill via SMS Free [Step by Step]

How Good would it be to get MEPCO Bill via SMS of Your Electricity? Yes, it is possible now. Let me share the method with you. Did I tell you that it is 100% free? Well, it is the only service that it is 100% free with no additional charges. Not even the subscription charges!

I know you cannot wait for it anymore to know this method but first make sure you have following things to activate this on your mobile.

Required Things

  • First and Most Important is your MEPCO reference number. (To find this simply find your any previous latest bill and it is written there above your name and address.)
  • An active phone number to get SMS.

If you do not want to get SMS and check online you can check right now here.

Method to get MEPCO Bill via SMS

Without waiting anymore, here you go:

  1. First, go to this website (it is official website)
  2. Choose your Reference Number and enter it completely.
  3. Enter your number in this format 923331234567
  4. Click on submit button there.

Boom You have done it!

Some Last Words

This is the most and fastest method we found and shared it with you. Let us know you liked it or not in the comments. Still, you can use online bill checking system by clicking on the link which is given above. Let me know your thoughts in comments.