About Us – The Team Behind DeraGhaziKhan.Pk

We are working hard to take everything online. First, we launched the dg khan weather system online. Soon everything will at the ease of one click

We are entrepreneurs who think of the future. We are not a team we are family and we represent Dera Ghazi Khan online.

We solve problems of Ghazians. We help you so you not need to go out to the shop to pay the bill. We will soon launch new solutions for your problems.

Our website was first launched on 14 August 2017 with a mission to make Dera Ghazi Khan digital. We are working hard without thinking about our benefits just for you. It is an age of Information Technology and we do not want to see DGK be behind in any way. (Please note we are not the official site of DeraGhaziKhan.Pk as you can see our domain does not contain .gov also we are not responsible for the articles written by our writers as these are their views. Thanks